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The development of this product has been 20 years in the making. Careful research by hair replacement specialists in America has created an artificial "skin-like" feel which actually moulds to your scalp whilst providing a breathable surface that offers supreme comfort. Just imagine. a hair replacement system that allows your scalp to function normally whilst providing a totally natural look and feel!

How precisely does it work?

A breathable silicone skin system, PermaSkinTM, is created to the exact specifications of the thinning or balding area. When completed; the "skin" is exactly matched to your own individual hair colour and texture. This is implanted at a fixed angle to match the plane of your scalp. This technology ensures your new hair will have the same lift and pattern as your own hair. The most outstanding feature of this new system is that it blends seamlessly with your existing hair to provide a totally natural and stylish-looking appearance. What's more, it offers you a permanent solution without the discomfort of old-fashioned systems such as hair weaves and toupees.

How does this new breathable system attach to my scalp?

We use a highly specialised blend of medical grade bonding solution which is applied directly to the entire surface of the area to be restored, in effect, forming a second layer of skin. Your graft is then applied and fused to this second skin to form one breathable layer of natural-looking hair.

Since the graft is virtually part of you, it requires no daily maintenance. What's even better is that it is colourless so that your scalp can always be seen and cosmetically your hair is seen to be growing directly from the scalp. You won't feel any discomfort, all you'll be aware of is the new hair on your scalp!

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